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Welcome to Lausanne

Visit Lausanne with The Origins Earth and Lausanne Tourism 

View over Ouchy - ©LT/

Travels Sunset in Lausanne

Winter sunset from Ouchy

Travels winter Sunrise over Lake Geneva

Winter sunrise from Ouchy

Travels - Cherry blossom in the Elysée park in Lausanne

Blosson Cherry trees in the Elysée Park

Travels - view of Lausanne from Montriond's hills

View from Montriond's hills

Travels - Ouchy's castle from Haldimand Tower

View on Ouchy's castle from Haldimand Tower

Travels - View over Lavaux near to Lausanne

In the Lavaux

Travels - Sunset from Ouchy Lausanne

Sunset from Lausanne Ouchy

Travels - Lausanne Ouchy

Beginning of a sunset from Ouchy

Travels - view over Lavaux in Switzerland

In the middle of the Lavaux

Panoramic view of the Lake of Sauvabelin

View over the Sauvabelin Lake - Autumnal spirit


The Origins Earth thanks to Lausanne Tourism for the aerial visuals

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